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Keefe Borden | July, 29, 2020 | Houston, Tx

US-Pakistani Na Band Na Baraati re-released in English

LOS ANGELES –Romantic comedy designed to appeal to international audiences

Zashko Entertainment extended the reach of its premier film, Na Band Na Baraati, to a broad audience with the recent release of an English version of the 2018 film. The film is a light-hearted romantic comedy filmed largely in Toronto, Canada that shows the chaotic drama that unfolds as an expat Pakistani family prepares for a family wedding. Zashko Entertainment initially released the film in Urdu but recently translated it to English to appeal to an English-speaking audience worldwide. 

Part of the cast and most of the crew are from Canada and have an audience eager to see an English version of the film. The movie was intentionally set in Canada to garner a broad audience on the international stage. Zashko Entertainment hopes the international setting will draw the attention of Pakistani expatriates in the UAE, Canada, US and UK. The film draws on talent from artists from the US, Canada, India, Pakistan and Iran. It is available on Amazon Prime and Zashko Entertainment’s YouTube channel. 

Na Band Na Baraati tells the story of two brothers, Zahid and Shahid, characters played by Shayan Khan and Mikaal Zulfiqar, who are in love with Ayesha and Zoya (Anzhelikha Tahir and Nayab Khan). Their relationship is stable until Zahid tells his elder brother Shahid that he will elope with Ayesha if the brother cannot convince their parents to go along with his plans. Shayan Khan’s performance in the movie drew favorable reviews from critics, who said his depiction of a spoiled brat keeps the film rolling. Mikaal Zulfiqar made his second appearance on the big screen in the film as the responsible elder brother.  

The parents of Zahid and Shahid have plans of their own for their sons and seeking matches they find more acceptable for them. Qavi Khan is the veteran actor who portrays the father of the two brothers, a young-at-heart man who wants to see his sons married to someone he finds suitable. Azra Mohyeddin plays the mother who tries to save her sons from themselves and justify their acts to the father. Meanwhile, Ayesha has drawn the attention of a mechanic portrayed by Ali Kazmi. 

The film, which is part of a renaissance of Pakistani film industry after years of limited output, was directed by Mahmood Akhtar  and co director Sheraz Ahmed. The film was produced by Zain Farooqi and written by Harish Kumar Patel. 

In addition to Shayan Khan, Mikaal Zulfiqar, Anzhelikha Tahir, Nayab Khan, Qavi Khan, the cast includes Komal Farooqi and Ali Kamzi. One dynamic the film explores is the conflicting influences found in a cross-cultural society, particularly to the dilemma that children of Pakistani families face when growing up abroad. The film also explores the tension in the relationships between the various characters, which occurs in the context of a loving family. 

Shayan Khan, who captured the attention of critics during the promotion of the film, is expected to be seen in additional films in the near future. In addition to Toronto, the film captures scenes from Ontario, Niagara Falls and Blue Mountain Resorts.

Na Band Na Baraati brought new talent to the attention of a Pakistani audience and extended the presence of well established actors. It also put up and coming talent from Pakistani on the international stage.

Zashko Entertainment is an American film studio whose areas of expertise include pre-production, production, post-production and the development of films and television. It also develops content across a diverse range of platforms. The company owes its strength to its VFX, 3D content, animation, software development, United 3D art, app development and conceptualization services. 

Zashko Entertainment will continue to support Pakistani cinematic releases, invite foreign investment and broaden the exposure to the Pakistani entertainment industry. The film earned 15 million crore from local and international markets and is expected  to do at least that well with the second release in English. 

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